Astrid Kohlmeier, born in Graz in 1983, is an Austrian writer, stage director and dramaturge, who is at the beginning of a double career as an academic and artist. Astrid Kohlmeier is a MA diploma student and student assitent to the leader of the department of “drama” at the University of music and performing art in Graz. As a result of the research for her diploma thesis “From the novel to the theatrical text. A comparative study using the example of “Die Leiden des jungen Werther” by Johann Wolfgang Goethe”, she is brilliantly familiar with contemporary dramatic art and with dramaturgic questions. Furthershe is included in the "Working Group Dramaturgy "and in international conferences.

Since 2002 Astrid Kohlmeier did authorial works as writer (narrations, libretti, poetry, plays, radio plays). Since 2002 readings of Kohlmeier's texts took place in Graz ( "Forum Stadtpark"), ViennaBerlin, Ljubljana, Tbilissi and at the Austrian radio. Poetry an narrations were published in  literary magazines ("Freibord"/Vienna, "Die Rampe"/Linz, "Lichtungen"/Graz, "Luftdurch-lässig"/Berlin, "Proto"/Düsseldorf). The plays "Männliche Wimpern & Weibliche Zehen" and "Grüne Organe" were debuted at the theatre Schwaben (Landestheater Schwaben in Memmingen) in Germany. Other plays will be performed 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 at stages in Munich(Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Graz (Austria). See also publicationes.

Astrid Kohlmeier wrote the plays "ICH NICHT ALS ER" (2007), „MÄNNLICHE WIMPERN & WEIBLICHE ZEHEN“ (2007/UA 2007/commissioned piece/Landestheater Schwaben/director: Astrid Kohlmeier), "TINNITUS-TRANSKRIPTION" (2007/UA 2009/T-U-B-E-München/director: Patrick Schimanski), "GRÜNE ORGANE" (2007/UA 2007/commissioned piece/ Landestheater Schwaben/director: Peter Dorsch), "MASCHINEN MANUSKRIPTE" (2008), "ENTZUGSERSCHEINUNG" (2009) and "BLACK DOGS" (2009/UA 2010/commissioned piece/Landestheater Schwaben/ director: Astrid Kohlmeier/in progress). Kohlmeier's plays and radio plays are published by Per H. Lauke Verlag Hamburg. Astrid Kohlmeier lives in Graz.